Hello, I’m Matt Laney.

I’m a dad, church minister, martial artist, writer, story lover, with a thing for big cats. Naturally, all that would meld one day in a book for young readers. After three years of scratching out a sentence or two between parenting, sermon writing, watching baseball, and the occasional catnap, the first book appeared.

  • Favorite sport teams: Tigers and Lions
  • Favorite  foods: Sushi
  • Favorite TV show: My Cat From Hell
  • Favorite bookThe Chronicles of Narnia
  • Favorite superhero: Black Panther
  • Desired superpower: Purring
  • Favorite pet: Our dog, Boots. Cats? Don’t have any. Wife is allergic. But Boots loves Pride Wars as you can see.

OK, I like cats, but not that much! And anyway, my characters are two-legged, lion-human hybrids. Actually the only true statements above are about the dog and favorite book. I’m a crazy Red Sox fan who loves cookie dough above all other foods, rarely watches TV, loves Spider-Man and would like end world hunger as my superpower.


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