“Readers who like Erin Hunter’s books will race through this title and will be highly anticipating the sequel.”

School Library Journal

Book 1 in the Pride Wars Series
“Fast-paced adventure and cool world-building add up to a spellbinding tale.”

—Tui T. Sutherland, New York Times best-selling author of Wings of Fire

“A multi-layered mashup of story and suspense.”

Kirkus Reviews

I am Leo, Prince of Singara, and I am about to die. . .
Prince Leo is next in line for the throne of Singara, a land ruled by super-evolved felines. Like every thirteen-year-old, Leo must prove his worth by hunting a deadly beast called a slaycon. But killing a slaycon is the least of Leo’s problems. The enemy beyond the Great Wall is rising up. Inside the wall, Singara is being torn apart by Leo’s rebellious cousin. Worst of all, Leo is a Spinner, cursed with a dangerous and forbidden power he can’t control. The future of Singara is in Leo’s hands. Can he conceal his curse, claim the throne, and protect his realm? Or will he embrace his power and discover a far greater destiny . . . for himself and for his world? An unforgettable adventure, this first book in the Pride Wars series by debut author Matt Laney introduces a world where honor and duty, ferocity and faith, are tested by an unexpected hero.
Inspiration: Art & Stories
In addition to telling an engaging adventure story (yeah, that makes me a Spinner too) with memorable characters and more twists and turns than your small intestine, I hope to introduce readers to the power of folklore and to their own sacred imagination. The stories told by Leo are based on folktales from many cultures and traditions.

The Firewings

is related to a Buddhist story about a flock of quail who escape a hunter’s net. I based my version on “The Quails’ Song” found in Doorways to the Soul, edited by Elisa Davy Pearmain.

The Torn Cloak

is an adapted wisdom tale from the first Christian monastics also known as the “Desert Fathers.”

Oreyon the Hunter

is a retelling of an Indian folktale. Photo credit: el-grimlock on DeviantArt

Rukan the Wolf

is based on a Tibetan story.

The Draycon's Whisker

is adapted from an Ethiopian tale.

The Wisdom Seeking Prince

is adapted from an ancient Indian story.

The Story-Hoarding Prince

is a retelling of a Korean folktale.

The Sage by the River

is inspired by a tale told in Anthony DeMello’s book, One Minute Wisdom (Doubleday, 1985).